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Computer Forensics

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We have competitive pricing providing experienced personal at affordable prices. Computer Forensic Imaging/Collections, Chain of Custody and Secure Storage: 0-250 GB $450.00 251-500 GB $550.00 501-750 GB $650.00 751 up to 2 TB $900.00 Servers $210.00 an hour Logical Image files $210.00 an hour SharePoint Call Cost of preservation hard drive is market price. Usually less than $125 per drive. We have an onsite imaging minimum of $500.00 CD/DVD ROMS – Zip Drives - Floppy Drives - USB Thumb Drives – Other devices: $100 per device imaged at office. Otherwise $210 per hour. Computer Forensic Analysis, Review, Reporting, Testimony and Consulting $500 Quick Peak! Determine if further analysis is warranted (Needs to be discussed before any investigation) $225.00 per hour for civil and criminal litigation. $350.00 per hour for cases requiring a security clearance. Half time for travel inside of Machias maine Cost per mile traveled by point of view shot $.50 (or latest IRS rate) *Flat rate pricing for certain day jobs and travel assignments. $250.00 per hour for expert testimony. Two hour minimum in town. Miscellaneous Costs Mail, FEDEX, Courier Fees at cost. Cellphones, PDAs, iPhones, iPads and Droids (All IPhone Image & Analysis in MAC Enviorment) iPhone Image and Report $750 iPhone forensic