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CW Data Recovery Of Maine LLC Recovery is here to provide optimum solutions to your recovery requirements * Fast and friendly customer service available immediately with free initial consultation * Data Guarantee Policy: No Recovery, No Charges Free extensive evaluation of the storage device *shipping via US Postal Services throughout the U.S.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Recover files/recover deleted data today with CW Data Recovery .com. Recovering data from physically or logically damaged hard drives owing to mechanical and failure can be a challenge’s data recovery service experts have decades of professional experience to handle such situations. RAID / Server Data Recovery Data lost? Hard drive failure? Server- crash?

A system administrator’s nightmare, loss of productivity for the company and expensive downtime are all synonymous to a server crash.

 File recovery, disk recovery and data restoration brought to you by the best data recovery experts in the field..

 We restore data like no one else. PC Workstation Data Recovery From the domestic sector to the education and corporate sectors desktop PCs / workstations have become as if a part of the room’s furniture.

 We offer professional Data Recovery services.

 Our optimal safety procedures allow us to handle your failed storage device or media without causing any further damage to it.

 Disk utilities often cause irreparable damage to the media and the data on it and should not be run on damaged media in any case and on other media only after taking the necessary precautions and being able to undo the damage caused by the utility.

Data loss can be caused by a virus, a disk crash, errors when upgrading or installing software, sudden power failure, a surge, blackout or browout, lack of maintenance or simply as a result of an accident.

 Our experienced data recovery engineers and sophisticated technology gives you a reliable solution for all your data recovery needs. •

 We recover data from Media OS Hard disk drives

 DOS Floppy disk drives

 O/S2 Zip disk Windows 95, 98 Jaz Disks Win NT 3.5, 3.51, 4.0

Thumb drives Win ME, Win 2000 External Hard drives Win XP

 RAIDs Novell Netware

 SAN Linux Unix (Different flavors) Flash Cards MAC OS Cartridge tape drives

We have 2 categories of service 1.physical 2.logical